Belcarra in Bloom

Monday, March 12, 2018

Sewaholic's Belcarra Blouse
Size: 2

2 Yards of Art Gallery's Ink Outburst Atelier Voile
Light gray thread

This past week was insane. The previous weekend we traveled for soccer -- had a lot of fun, won all three of our games, saw the sun in what feels like ages but had to endure lots of driving (from north to south Louisiana and back again).  Midweek I got back on the road to attend a conference -- totally worth it as the guest speaker was Sonia Jackson Myles (She was so inspiring and such an amazing speaker!!). I chalk last week up to a whole lot of miles with little pockets of sunshine here and there. When I did find the time to sew over this past weekend, I wanted simple to amp up the sewjo.
I read Melissa's blog post (she blogs at Mahlica Designs) about her spring sewing plan.  I was impressed but then I was immediately depressed as I do not have the planning power or commitment to come up with a long term sewing plan. I challenged myself to plan but I reminded myself that Comparison is the Thief of Joy (One of my favorite quotes!). My way of planning (or sewing) is usually just turning to my stash and hoping the sewing muses grace me with an ounce of creativity. This is the exact method I used for my Belcarra.  Those spring blossoms in the Ink Outburst voile were calling my name.
The Belcarra is an easy beginner sew.  I estimate the total time I spent sewing was around 3 hours -- that is being generous and accounting for tea breaks and kiddo interruptions. The neckline is wide (Why didn't I remember that!?! I have a blog for heaven's sake!) -really wide. Somehow I don't mind it too much. I do like the way the design curves in at your natural waist and flairs around the hips.  Sewaholic is known for keeping the pear-shaped gal in mind.
And you can style the Belcarra with jeans or a skirt. This is my first attempt in 2018 to get back to basics. Look at those flowers!
I really do have spring on my brain. Let's bring on the sunshine!

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