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Friday, February 9, 2018

Hack of Simplicity 2444 bodice and New Look 6390 skirt with added pockets
Size 8

3 yards cotton from Dear Stella called Supernova designed by Rae Ritchie
22" navy invisible zipper
Guterman thread color 272
Fabric scraps for pockets

I know that I sew a lot of dresses.  My closet is now mostly full of handmade lovely dresses.  My weakness is nerdy fabric to make nerdy dresses.  I already have one math dress but I need more.  I have come into this stride where I have less desire to buy new patterns and just sew with the TNTs that I have painstakingly put time and energy into so that the fit is just right.  Enter my latest dress: it is a combo of a tweaked Simplicity 2444 bodice and the New Look 6390 skirt lengthened by 2 inches.
Another reason to like TNT pattern pieces is that most of the time, the sew is already etched into muscle memory such that it doesn't take so long.  My job has kept me busy lately (sorry for the intermittent posts!) and Jules is on a travel soccer (or football, for the rest of the world) team which means my weekend sew time has been exponentially (ha! see how I threw some math in here for the math dress!) on the decrease.  I traveled to south Louisiana to a conference the previous week.  Business travel is never exciting.  I rarely sleep because of a foreign bed and the pillows - gah! To top it all off when I couldn't sleep, I began to watch Season 3 of Luther on Netflix. During the first episode, a creeper bad guy crawls out from under a bed and, of course, kills.  Yeah, that did wonders for my ability to sleep alone in a hotel room. *Sigh* All this week I had to play catch up with all the business that went on while I was gone.
To attempt to become more efficient in my craftiness, once a month I spend a morning or afternoon, prepping and cutting several projects.  Then I find the time to fit in sewing the rest of the month.  Because Mardi Gras is an official holiday season that culminates with state holidays here in Louisiana, I get Monday and Tuesday off (Woot! Woot!  Sew-cation!!).  I am hoping to sew up a storm.
Back to the dress at hand: the New Look skirt pattern has got the lovely swishiness but it does not eat up the fabric of a full circle skirt (I think it is a half circle skirt!?!). I have paired it with several different bodices and I love the look.  Now if I were being entirely honest, this isn't strictly a mathematics dress -- it does have a bit of astronomy.  Ummmm, worth it. Still totally geeky!
I need to make more of this pattern combo...with different fabrics it could become a uniform. What are your favorite TNT patterns?

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