Toasty New Year

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Happy New Year.  I am not a New Year resolution kind of girl.  But I am a list maker and goal oriented -- that sort of counts, right!?  Here is my sewing list:
  • Sew more of my fabric stash
  • Make a pair of jeans 
  • Face my fear of sewing knits and just sew (I am sure my Bernina can handle it!)

I have to share one of the last of my 2017 makes.  I blame Meg from Cookin' and Craftin'.  She showcased a whole week of the Sew House Seven pattern: The Toaster Sweater.  If I am honest, well, I wasn't wowed when this pattern was released.  The sweater had a boxy look and I couldn't imagine myself wearing it.  Soooooo, I skipped it and admired all the bloggers from afar that made the sweater.
Toaster Sweater
Version 2
Size: Small

A bit over 1.5 yards on Ponte Knit
Brown thread from an estate sale

Yup, perfect timing.  A week of Meg blogging cozy sweaters and the realization that I was heading to spend 10-days in Boulder, Colorado where it was forecasted to snow a majority of the time we were there led me to purchase the pattern.  Thank goodness for inspiration and downloadable pdf patterns.  By mid-Toaster-week, I was a Toaster believer.  In an evening, I purchased the pattern, printed, and taped that sucker together.
My knit stash is rather pathetic (look above at my list of things to tackle in 2018 -- I do have an aversion to sewing with knits.  So many bloggers swear by it but I have not had the best of luck.  I avoid sewing knits AND buying them).  Rant aside -- I did happen to have a luscious ponte knit within my stash.  Amazingly, it was washed and prepped for a project.  Since ponte sews like a woven I was confident I could make the Toaster Sweater. BAM! Toaster Version 2 was whipped up in an evening.  
In my haste, I did not have time for a muslin.  I find the length just to be alright.  I prefer a little longer.  Next time I make one (and yes, it is an easy sew, flattering sweater, and cozy so there will be another sew) I think I will add a couple of inches in length.  I may add 3 to 4 more inches so that I could wear a version with leggings and it would cover my bum. The neckline is divine and those side vents are on point.  You cannot see it in any of my photos (I needed to get some beautiful mountain blog photos) but the mitered corners are gorgeous. 
I spent last night taping together the pattern for version #1 of the Toaster.  This Arctic air mass has the whole Southern portion of the United States drowning in freezing temperatures.  I'll probably have a new cozy Toaster by the weekend!

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