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Blog Hibernation -- I am Awake!

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Yikes!  It has been 8 months and 6 days since my last post. I have sewn. I have sworn. I have laughed.   Here is the 6-point synopsis:
  • I survived my first Spring semester as a School Director.
  • Mr. Chemist, Jules, and I went to Chicago.  We went to the Nutella Cafe (Yes -- that is a real thing!), a Cubs game, the Art Institute and ate a whole bunch of goodness.
  • At the beginning of the year, I started (yet again) practicing yoga.  It began as a 10-minute stress relief and has turned into an everyday 30-60 minute yoga practice.
  • I became obsessed with Candy Crush for a month.
  • I went to the Fair (i.e. traveling-carnival-ride-type-of-fair) for the first time in my life. And my son made it almost two hours before vomiting (He and rides that spin do not get along very well!).
I set intentions to try to blog and...uh...and I thought about blog posts (even have a few drafts) and....hmmmmm...and I just could not find the energy to photograph or write.  I didn't mean for the absence to be so long but I think I needed it.
Roisin of Dolly Clackett reminded me that Doctor Who first aired on the BBC in November of 1963 -- I think she said 23 November 1963.  It was Thanksgiving in the United States on November 23rd so I didn't wear this dress but I did make it in November so that counts as a tribute, right??

My little family loves Doctor Who  -- all his different versions and adventures. My least favorite Doctor was Matt Smith.  But a favorite!?!  Errr, that is hard. David Tenant?  I was a big fan of Donna as a companion -- she was no nonsense, funny, and really so different from the other companions before her. I cannot wait for the first female Doctor!! So you can see why I would have TARDIS fabric in my stash.

Simplicity 1419
Size 8

3 yards TARDIS cotton
White Coats and Clark Thread
22" Navy Blue invisible zipper
Since my time is limited, I have been revisiting patterns that I love.  I haven't bought a pattern since March (I am lusting after the Patti Pocket Skirt pattern from Amy Nicole Studio).  I still have a fabric stash that is sinful which doesn't take a PhD to figure out how to destash -- SEW!
I had sewn up Simplicity 1419 ages ago. There is not much to say about this dress other than I love it -- since I'd sewn the pattern previously and I made notes on the pattern (say what?!? I can't believe I had the brains to do that!) -- construction was straightforward.  I did sew the seams at 3/8" because my old version was a little tight in the chest area.  And I added an inch to the skirt so that it skimmed just below the knees.
I'll always love a dress with pockets. And I can rock it with Converse! Ciao -- glad to be back!

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