New Year, New Job, New Sewing Machine

Saturday, January 7, 2017

I made it through my first week of my new job.  It was quiet -- a lot to learn and little time but nonetheless, it is past. Th exhaustion of adjusting and my son's basketball game in the middle of the week, there was no time to sew. I did cut the Wiksten Tova in a lush warm flannel -- took me all week.  Anywhos, new year, new job and a new sewing machine but I am here to share one of the my last makes of 2016.
Karri Dress
Size: Small

3 yards of blue cotton voile
3 yards of polyester lining (yikes! All I had in the stash)
Blue invisible zipper
Gray Mettler Thread

I was a tester for Megan Neilsen's Karri pattern. This is a scrap busting pattern with many tiny pieces so you can go to town on all those scraps of fabric that are stuffed into a bag (clearly I am assuming everyone stores scraps like I do -- stuffing them into a bag which hides in the odd corner -- I've got so many scraps I don't even know what to do with them.)!  It has a paneled bodice with princess seams and a paneled skirt with pockets.  I opted to make a sleeveless version as I prefer the ability to wear my dresses in summer or winter!
I have tested a lot of different patterns and so I tend not to invest really precious fabric into the testing process.  I have had disaster makes before and it bums me to waste fabric. Sooooo, I used a blue cotton -- it was lightweight of unknown origin in my stash.  And yes, I didn't use scraps even though I had a bag, even though I could have.  To be honest it was because ...I didn't want to look like some psychedelic girly hippie... I was more concerned with directions, fit, and pattern pieces for the testing processes than making a awesome scrap dress.
It turns out that it all came together rather nicely.  I chose small based on my measurements but I probably should have gone with extra small.  I ended up have to take in to make it work (Very Tim Gunn moment) especially since there was a deadline. I have to say that my favorite part of this dress is the back.  I would also probably adjust the neckline on the second go-round as well - lower it just a smidge.  Woulda, coulda, shoulda and I didn't.  Here is the Karri with a belt:
I am an uber fan of Megan Nielsen.  Her patterns are well-designed and her directions are superb.  I haven't met a pattern I don't like of hers.  Actually, writing this post and gazing at these pictures makes me wish for warmer weather!  Yesterday the Southern US got slammed with winter weather. Northern Louisiana had freezing rain and today it is just arctic.  Guess that means I just have to stay indoors and sew.

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