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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

I have been searching for a good woven tank pattern.  One preferably that could be made with a scant yard or possibly a meter of fabric.  Nothing fancy just a woven tank to wear with skirts or shorts.  A tank perfect for the hot and humid summers that can transition to other seasons with layers.  Yep, I have been searching.  Combing the blogs it is obvious that seamstresses love Grainline Studio's Tiny Pocket Tank (which I cannot find in Grainline's pattern shop so maybe it is retired....?!?) or Wiksten's Tank pattern.  I opted for Big 4 version because for next-to-nothing during a sale  (You know me.), I found the Kwik Sew 3848 Tank pattern.  Et voila!  A Saturday afternoon well spent.
Kwik Sew 3848
Size: Extra Small
View B

1 meter of geometric cotton
Homemade bias tape
Meter Thread in Eggshell
Continuing my Kwik Sew experiments, I should have anticipated the pattern would be long.  I should have remembered their generous amount of ease.  Lately my brain resembles Swiss cheese (Thanks new job that has a cray-cray pace!).  Remembering details like this seems hazy (Kind of reminds me of pregnancy brain where I could not for the life of me remember details.  I am going to dub this episode of my life 'director brain' cause managing a large area really has sucked all sewing memory cells not to mention my free time.).  I am learning I have to write down everything or it will not stick.  Any who, Kwik Sew -- I love your patterns but I don't think you designed them for my body type.
Good thing I have ninja pattern skills.  I had a meter of fabric for this test woven tank.  I am considering this a muslin because I am on a mission for perfecting the woven tank.  After I traced the pattern, I did a quick tissue fitting.  It was obviously that it was waaaaayyyyyy tooooooooo loooonnnngggg.  I removed four inches from the bottom of the pattern.  The adjustment allowed the hem to sit right a my hips.  I like this length because it works for tucking in or leaving untucked.  The neckline was a little low so I adjusted the pattern to raise it about a half of an inch.
Boom.  Off to work I went.  A couple of hours (two pattern pieces and a bunch of bias tape) and here is my tank.  I am generally happy with the overall product (although it is a bit boxy and could use some shaping).  My biggest peeve is that the arm holes gap.  See?  The arm holes are slightly too large.  The adjustment note has been recorded in my sewing notebook and  I will definitely have to fix this on the paper pattern.  I can make this work as a layering piece so it is not a failed experiment.
Any other recommendations of a woven tank that doesn't require gobs of fabric??

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