Cloudy with a Chance of a Tova

Monday, January 16, 2017

I know a lady who is absolutely obsessed with the Wiksten Tova pattern.  Every time I see her, literally, I declare how I love her is almost comedic because she shrugs her shoulders and always responds "It's my favorite: The Tova."  This was why I came to know the Tova pattern.  It was added to my long list of patterns to buy and sew (I know we all have a never-ending list!).  Well, I was at my husband's holiday party and I happen to again comment my love for her top.  About a week later Mr. Chemist came home with an envelope.  Inside was the Tova pattern with a note to enjoy (Thank you T. J.)!
Size: Small

2 Yards brushed cotton flannel
White Mettler Thread (#15 White)

I unexpectedly got all of Saturday to sew since Mr. Chemist took students to a Quiz bowl tournament and my son endured a long standardized test in the morning and then played with friends all afternoon.  I was very thankful that I had the Tova cut and marked.  A frigid cold spell descended into our region when I was cutting this pattern which inspired a warm, snuggly brushed cotton flannel Tova. 
I had to scratch my head a couple of times with procedure.  Especially when putting together the yoke.  The directions sound counterintuitive but basting and pinning (this is the experimentalist in me!) convinced me it was going to work.  The yoke was challenging in that good sort of way.  And I survived.
The pattern calls for a little over 2 yards.  I had only two yards so instead of cutting the back piece on the fold, I just added seam allowance.  I also cut the cuff pieces off grain.  It was a puzzle but I consumed that two yards.  I did end up with excess fabric around the neck in the back and added a  petit-pleat to remove it.  Hard to see in the picture below but you can kind of make out the center back seam.
With the yoke down (and the collar), the rest of the shirt sews up quite effortlessly.  Or could that be my new machine??  Sappy moment ahead:  I. Love. My. Bernina.  She is absolutely luscious but hardcore enough to conquer thick seams.  I almost expect her to sew autonomously... but where would the fun be in that?

If I am honest, this top is very, very roomy.  I haven't made up my mind if I like it.  Because of the roominess, I styled it with slimmer jeans that taper.  I wanted to wear the Tova with my Birkin Jeans today but Mr. Chemist wrinkled his face which I can translate to "Are you sure?!? Are you really sure you are going to wear those two things together? Please carefully look at yourself in a full-length mirror"   Years of knowing each affords us this essential non-verbal communication skill.  I did look at myself and I'll admit it: He was right.  the roominess and flare of the jeans looked comical.  I have a feeling that the Tova will be a perfect travel (plane, train, car or bus) shirt.
Happy Monday!

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