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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Last day of 2016!  Ermahgerd!!!  I got my fill of my favorite holiday treats: The Sound of Music, cookies, champagne, christmas lights, and plenty of family and friends.  My lovely husband gave me a brand new Bernina 380 for Christmas (smooth sewing -- it is ah-mazing!!).

Looking back at 2016 -- I went through a lot of changes at work so much so that my blogging, reading blogs, and sewing slowed down drastically.  But! Even though I made a fewer garments than the previous year, I can say with certainty that my 2016 garments were made with love and care.  Slow fashion. I did not rush and paid attention to details.  I did not sew a pattern (or buy new ones) for the sake of the latest indie pattern being released.  I sewed for me (and others) at my pace and for my taste.

Here are a few of my favorite things:

Keeping that in mind, my plans for 2017 revolve around sewing more challenging makes.  Sewing more practical garments (you know, the boring ones to blog about).  Out with the old and in with the new because on Tuesday (Yikes!  Tuesday is around the corner!!)  I will step into a new role at work.  This means less time for sewing. Therefore, I intentionally have to plan sewing to balance my new role and my family.  I need to sew because it is stress outlet but I don't want sewing or blogging to become stressful (I know this new job will be stress enough!). I have already cut several patterns and marked fabric so that sewing is the only thing I have left.

So Goodbye 2016 (This is from our 10-year Anniversary pictures!):

To 2017!!  Have a Happy New Year! I hope it is filled with peace, health, and joy.  Lots of love from my family to yours...

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