Post Election Blues

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Ermmmm.  Where to begin?  After the shocking US election result (I know now how some Brits felt after the Brexit vote!), I had to abstain from social media, blog reading, websites, TV, and all the sorts.  There was just too much ranting and whining.  It made me sad for my country.  Social media has empowered one to believe that their opinion is worthy of voicing. Sigh.  I just couldn't read all the drivel from either side.  This week is Thanksgiving in the US and with all the negativity and uncertainty I can only reflect on all that I am thankful for.   I am blessed and thankful for so very much including the wonderful sewing community!

During my mini-social media hiatus, I sewed more.  Probably because I had more free time at night.  Most importantly  because it makes me happy.   Behold: 

View B
Size: XS

 ~4 Yards of White and gray cotton
Cotton Interfacing
22" White invisible zipper

This is my second Kwik Sew pattern following K4068.  Much like K4068, I loved the pattern cover and scooped this one up at the same time.  I decided on View B for the neckline and the into my midi-length mini-obsession of late. I had a white cotton with a gray triangles in my stash that was just the right amount of yardage -- oh -- and it was prewashed and ironed, making cutting a cinch.  
Since this was my second Kwik Sew, I knew a few adjustments that I would have to make.  I had to take about an inch on the side seams.  The midi-length on the pattern was drafted for someone who was so much taller than me.  Here is the ridiculousness: I am 5'4" and the skirt pattern for view B was maxi length on me.  I ended up removing 4 inches from the skirt! And I did a seriously wide hem, 1.5 inches double fold. Crikey!
I like the above picture because of my swinging hair!  The shot gives you an idea of the back of the dress.  I know it is hard to tell in the picture but trust me it's there: my zipper and waist line up.  Woot-woot! I mean there was some unpicking involved.  Worth every stitch unpicked.
On my second go-round with a Kwik Sew pattern, it was much more satisfying.  The result makes me  feel very classy.  I don't believe in the rule of no white white after Labor day. Psshh. This dress is going to look killer in the winter with a cardigan. Yep, I am thankful that I have a new dress and that this week I get to visit family and share a big meal (Maybe I need to make time to sew a roomy dress for the gluttony that is bound to happen!).  What are you thankful for? 

Happy Thanksgiving!

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