Absolutely Nutter Butter

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Early this year I went to a local quilt show to find that there was a sale of fabric from the quilters stash to benefit the guild.  Ummmm, score.  I found 4 yards of this delicious peach fabric that was light and drapey.  I planned to make a spring button-up dress.  Disaster struck after a wash and dry cycle and during ironing I discovered a dark stain.  I held on to it waiting for the right pattern in which I could cut around it.  But that stain was pesky and in a perfect spot to ruin the fabric.
Size: Extra Small

3 yards dyed mystery fabric
Black Thread

I had an epiphany while driving to work– dye it a darker color.  Cover the blasted stain.  That is just what I did.  One sunny Saturday morning I made a crazy amount of boiling water and threw all 4 yards of the fabric in a big bin to dye.  It worked like a charm.  I intended the fabric to be black but I took it out early to get this eerie effect.  Once dried, Jules threw the fabric over his head and went to Spotify to play the Harry Potter theme song – “I am a dementor here to suck your soul!” he cried.  Henceforth it became the dementor fabric.  I rather liked the creepy drapey vibe and knew it would make a lovely dress version of the Sudley pattern from Megan Nielsen.
Of course I had to deviate from the pattern directions.  The pattern has separate lining pieces.  I did not have enough fabric to do a full line.  Instead, I split the bodice in back and self lined with the fabric.  As a result there is a seam in the back bodice - I don't mind at all.
I also opted not to put a tie on the keyhole feature. Instead, I under stitched the lining around the keyhole to help it lay flat.  
This is a roomy dress.  Very roomy. Nuff' said. But I absolutely love it.  It is very different from he dresses I would normally gravitate towards but I am thrilled to have given it a try.  

 Absolutely nutter butter!  A stinkin' cute dress that was perfectly creepy for Halloween. Apologies for such a short post but I have been swamped at work and reckoned it was better for a short post rather than nothing at all!  Hope your Halloween was creepy and candy-filled!

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