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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Ahoy! It has been raining most days; especially in the afternoon - the sky darkens and immediately there is a drenching rain.  Normally I wouldn't be bothered, however, all week long I have been out in the field...in the rain.  Rain boots kept my feet dry but I have come home each evening in wet clothes.  To top it off, 4th grade is a demanding leap for my little guy thus increasing my stress levels.  At least it is Thursday and my son is reading The Lion Witch, and the Wardrobe, one of my favorites! -- I am forever the optimist!
Megan Nielsen's Brumby Skirt
Size: Small

2.5 yards of Chambray
7" Metal Zipper
White Thread (Aurfil Thread)

On the plane home from Boston, besides watching Zootopia, I jotted down a cutting and sewing plan. Since I am a bonafide sewing geek, I carry a little notebook with a list of my sewing patterns and some fabric swatches.  I lovingly looked through my book and decided upon our return to Louisiana, I was going to sew a Brumby Skirt.  I wanted those pockets!

Yep!  Those pockets above...fab-u-lous (Check out what a Brumby pocket can actually hold)!!  I really have a special love for Megan Nielsen patterns.  Sometime in spring she had a sale on patterns and I picked this one and her Darling Ranges dress (that is almost finished just needs buttons!).  The Brumby is designed for either heavier materials like denim or lighter fabrics like my lovely chambray.  I quite like to work with chambray -- lots of drape and little ironing needed.
I enjoyed sewing this skirt.  My only hiccup was the contoured waistband.  The drafted waistband  was a hot mess.  It did not sit nicely on my waist.  This is a bummer. I read all sorts of blog posts of beautiful Brumby's with ladies declaring how much they love the contoured waistband.  Why me?!? I read how to draft a new waist band but the drafted waistband was already sewn to the skirt.  To compensate, I added a couple of tucks on the waistband and that seem to do the trick.  Now I have a new technique to learn -- how to redraft the contoured waistband to sit/fit on MY waist.  I have an ikat denim in my stash that could very well become another Brumby with a redrafted waistband.
Let me continue to gush.  The Brumby has oodles of gathers - my favorite.   And who would've expected an exposed zip (My husband has trouble fathoming why I like it so much)?!  It gives it a edgy vibe.
What do you think of the midi-length?  I think it is flattering and lately have been drawn more and more to having a couple of skirts and dresses fall below my knee.  This is definitely a keeper!

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