Sleeveless Sudley

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Guess what I have been up to!? Yes, I have been sewing a bit but... I took a temporary part-time job at a fabric store that was going out of business.  Hancock Fabrics went bankrupt and needed part-time temporary employees to help with the increased traffic in the store. Since the middle of May until last week, I worked a couple of evenings per week putting up fabric and notions, cutting fabric, helping people find patterns, and talking to customers about sewing!
I used my paychecks to buy more fabric, notions, and patterns.  Wha-ha-ha! My stash has grown!  It was so refreshing to do something a bit different from the day-to-day norm.  The ladies I worked with were so much fun and that made it even more special.  Overall, my favorite thing was working the cutting table to see what fabric the customers would want to buy.  And I loved to hear what they were going to make.  I read recently a rude Facebook post on a pattern group that I subscribe to in which a lady went off on why she hates going to the fabric store because she had to endure the question, "What are you making?".  I can honestly say that question is asked out of curiosity and shared love of sewing.
Sudley Blouse (Autocorrect keeps correcting Sudley to Sadly!)
Size: Small

2.5 yards of white cotton
1.5 yards of white dress trim
White Gutermann Thread

For Mother's day, ages ago I realize, my boys gave me several patterns.  My first make was Megan Nielsen's Sudley blouse.  I have not met a Megan Nielsen pattern that I did not adore.  It is the fantastic keyhole and reversibility (Yes, reversibility -- the top can be worn with way) that drew me to requesting this pattern.
I opted for the crop version so that I could wear it untucked.  Or I could tuck it in to my Veronika skirt.  I usually do not opted for anything white.   When ever I wear white, it usually ends up with coffee dribbled onto the front or my lunch -- I swear, I am not a messy eater, I blame the blank canvas a white shirt offers.
The Sudley is supposed to have sleeves: two options short or 3/4 length.  But...summer has gotten to me.  The short sleeves, already cut from fabric, remained tucked away waiting for another Sudley.  I just finished the sleeves with more self-made bias.
Isn't this keyhole fabulous!??!  Another alteration was to use white lacy dress trim instead of the self-made bias ties.  This alteration came about because I did not actually have enough of the white fabric for all the bias strips to be made.  Ribbon or trim seemed like the next best thing -- I also reasoned that it jazzed up a simple white blouse.
Untied. Perfect to catch the summer breeze which is currently non-existent in my area.  Although it is July and this was sewn in late May, I still had to share it with you.  This is a great beginner pattern that could serve as a canvas for a variety of options.  That's why I love sewing!

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