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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Hello!  We just returned from a fantastic holiday in Boston (I'll share more later.) and I am trying to recover.  After whirlwind week, I need another vacation, preferably a staycation dedicated to sewing!  Oi Vey! In May for that past several years, my hubby and I participate in an event called Blend on the Bayou.  It is an event that raises money for the arts in our area.  Blend on the Bayou is an evening on the Bayou that features artists but the wonderful bit is all of the food and drinks.  One major issue is that May in Louisiana is already sticky hot.  This year I was determined to make a fun outfit that would be cool (literally and figuratively!).
Hayden Crop Top
Size: 2

Veronika Skirt
Size: Small

2.5 yards of black cotton lawn
3 yards of teapot novelty cotton
Mettler Black Peppercorn Thread 0758
1 yard of blue bias tape
9 inch zipper black
When the April issue of Seamwork popped up in my email box I fell in love with the pattern Hayden.  And I gravitated toward the cropped version.  Say what!?!  Cropped!! Now, I am not one to take huge fashion risks and jump on the bandwagon (Uggs and leggings make me cringe!).  All year long the cropped top with high-waisted skirt or pants appeared everywhere and I wanted part of it.  A little flash of the waist with a billowy skirt should (and did) stand up to the heat, or at least I reasoned.
Hayden's estimated time was two hours from start to finish -- I think it took me closer to three but who's counting.  It still came together the morning of Blend on the Bayou.  In fact, I probably would have lowered the neckline and added some length to the shoulders but alas, time was not on my side as I was sewing the morning of the event!!
Since Hayden was a simple black top, I used one of my fancy stitches to finish the neckline and sleeves.  Am I in love with cropped version of the Hayden?  Nah.  I have only worn it the once and do not foresee when I will wear it again.  Since I was rushed, I didn't put in the time for that perfect fit and I know the fit is off.   I should have also made the longer version as that would have gotten more time away from the hanger.
As for the skirt, I pulled out my favorite circle skirt: the Veronika from Megan Nielsen. I had been hoarding novelty teapot fabric for a while.  I absolutely love tea.  My husband thinks I am addicted as it is the first thing I have in the morning and the last thing I have before bed.  I have previously made the Veronika skirt and last time the print was non-directional.  This time with the teapot print I had to get creative in my cutting layout.   In fact, it took several pins and folds before I could get it right.
I added the funny shaped pockets and let her hang over night to get the right hem.  This make is a winner.  I have worn this skirt at least once a week since it was finished in May.  Evidence of this was on vacation when we went to the Boston harbor to the historic site of the Boston Tea Party.  Yep, yep -- I am that nerdy gal who wore a tea pot dress on the ship of the Tea Party!
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