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Friday, February 5, 2016

Washi Dress
Size: Extra Small
3 yards of Katrina Rochelle Cotton Poplin from Art Gallery Fabrics
Elastic Thread
Mettler Thread in Night Blue
A while back (in 2015!!) I splurged on some Craftsy kits because they were on sale.   The Washi pattern plus Art Gallery Fabric for a steal -- for goodness sake -- I could not resist.  This is a pattern that I had always wanted because of the cult following it has...  Besides being influenced by others, the Washi offered other perks like roomy easy style.  I especially like the version with the bow in the front.  And just like other Made by Rae patterns, the pattern is drafted stupendously and the directions are very helpful.  I am contemplating the Washi Expansion pack but I just splurged on her Luna Pants pattern so I'll hold off for a while.
I opted for the sleeveless version. This is for winter wear with a sweater then transition to the hot humid summer.  Versatility is something I am striving for in my wardrobe.  After doing an inventory, I noticed that I have a lot of one-off garments that can only be worn with a certain skirt or top or pants. That complicates my life because then I have to think and anticipate what to wear.  I am quite shit at things like that.  I am not glamorous or stylish but I am practical.  I sew and wear what appeals to me which is ultimately tied to comfort and ease.
The Washi is a straightforward sew -- think an afternoon or a couple of afternoons.  With no zips or buttons, the elastic thread in the back is genius! That is probably the most challenging thing in this pattern for a beginner.
I honestly love this dress and have worn it with cowboy boots and then dressed it up with heels.  My husband on the other hand doesn't understand why I love this dress so much.  He thinks it makes me look pregnant (see below with his preggo shot).
I do understand his comment (I mean look above and it does appear that I am lovingly staring a my preggo-belly! No -- I am NOT pregnant.) and while it is completely roomy around the middle, that is one of the reasons why I like it. I feel comfortable in the Washi. I wouldn't wear it to a dress-up event but for every day style and comfort this encompasses all that and more.  I highly recommend.

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