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See Ya 2015. Welcome 2016!

Friday, January 1, 2016

Errrr.  The last of 2015 passed by in a whirl.  I am starting fresh on the blog and wishing everyone a very happy healthy 2016!

I am very proud of all the garments I sewed in 2015.  A quick review reveals that I made 12 dresses, 8 tops, 4 pants, 3 skirts, and 10 garments for my family.  Lots of what I sewed never made it to the blog. But in fairness I have felt a bit overwhelmed in the last bit of 2015 and my blog felt like a chore rather than the usual sense of excitement and accomplishment.

My favorite make of 2015:

The linen fabric and the cut of Simplicity 1104 makes me swoon!

My least favorite make of 2015:

My By Hand London Zeena dress.  The fit is wrong.  Once I get the fit right, I know I will like this pattern but I have not invested the time to do that and to be honest don't really know if I will.

Since I am a list kind-of gal (I have a running list for work, for home, for sewing, for the blog -- thank goodness for digital sticky notes!), here are my goals for the new year:

  • Post regularly on the blog!  Seems silly but entering into the 4th year of blogging, I know that when life get busy I stop blogging for a variety of reasons.  I applaud all those bloggers who post regularly when I feel pressure this is a commitment where there is wiggle room.  I love my blog because of the sense of community, the encouragement and the ability to connect with talented seamstresses around the world.
  • Learn to knit.  Start simple -- a scarf, maybe?? and then I want knit a cardigan.
  • Try to use patterns in my stash and cut down on fabric impulse buys. 
  • Post my reviews to Pattern Review.
  • Just be.  Learn to appreciate the moment and the process instead of sewing for the sake of my blog (which I admit happened toward the end of the year, hence my break and reassessment).
  • Increase my sewing techniques.  Sew more complicated pieces that may take longer but stretch and challenge my skills.
  • Read more. Worry less.

Happy New Year!

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