Sunday Sevens #22

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Errr, last week came and my Sunday Sevens post did not.  I am back on the bandwagon...

Here is what happened over the last two weeks:

1.  Homecoming week and I happened to walk across campus to see this WWII plane.
2.  Attended the seminar of Mr. Jarvis, head of the National Parks.
3. Happy mail. Patterns...I am so bad.
4.  Nine year anniversary selfie.  And to boot, a fab dinner.

5.  Chewie graduated from puppy training.  Now he can somewhat lay down, shake, leave it.  He had mastered sit.
6.  We tried Dragon Fruit and a pineapple from South Africa.  I am very thankful we are all adventurous eaters!

7. Shopping with Jules for a 3-D project of an animal and its habitat, we came across this.  We laughed at how disturbing it was for heads and arms to be in bags!


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