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Sunday Sevens #22

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Errr, last week came and my Sunday Sevens post did not.  I am back on the bandwagon...

Here is what happened over the last two weeks:

1.  Homecoming week and I happened to walk across campus to see this WWII plane.
2.  Attended the seminar of Mr. Jarvis, head of the National Parks.
3. Happy mail. Patterns...I am so bad.
4.  Nine year anniversary selfie.  And to boot, a fab dinner.

5.  Chewie graduated from puppy training.  Now he can somewhat lay down, shake, leave it.  He had mastered sit.
6.  We tried Dragon Fruit and a pineapple from South Africa.  I am very thankful we are all adventurous eaters!

7. Shopping with Jules for a 3-D project of an animal and its habitat, we came across this.  We laughed at how disturbing it was for heads and arms to be in bags!


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One Hour Blouse, So What D'Ya Think?

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The weekend started off with a drastic drop in temperature (a sharp change of 20F or 13C) which resulted in my whole little family feeling rather crummy on Sunday after spending a cold windy day at the soccer fields on Saturday.  Monday morning -- need I say more? In order to amp up my sewing mojo, I turned to Seamwork.  The premise behind Seamwork magazine by default is to provide sewing articles but included in the subscription is a couple of patterns in each issue.  The patterns are beginner friendly and usually take 3-4 hours or less -- that is from start to finish. The September issue focused on simple staples and feature a simple blouse pattern and a track pant.  The Akita blouse is just one pattern piece that can be made in one hour.  That is a lot of ones…the one hour part sold me.

Size: Small

2 yards Slate Blue Swiss-dot
Coats and Clark Blue polyester thread
Double fold bias tape

I will admit that I did not time myself.  An hour is a probably accurate for an efficient seamstress.  I am not the paramount of efficiency when it comes to sewing.  I like to take my time and I tend to have distractions (“Mom, I’m hungry” ….” ”Annie – have you seen….?”).  Akita took me a couple of hours from start to finish.   Taping and cutting a pdf pattern always channels a bit of grumbling but the sewing is straightforward. 
While the one pattern piece is novel, I could probably hack it down the middle and cut on the fold to minimize the amount of fabric used.  I used a swiss-dot in slate blue as it was in my stash.  The pattern definitely needs lightweight fabrics with drape.  Meg form Cookin and Craftin made a beautiful version out of batik.  I love how her sleeves turned out.

My sleeves are not nearly as fluttery, but I like the end result.   If I am being critical, then here are a few complaints:
  • It pulls in the shoulder area a tad.  Nonetheless, it is an easy sew and you have a top within a couple of hours.  
  • Meg also noted that the pattern is long.  While it is a tunic with side vents, I do agree that it is a little longer than I would like.  Keep that in mind if you plan to sew this.  
  • There is also room in the waist area and it tapers out ever so slightly around the hips.  I could use more cinching at the waist and flaring at the hips (That is because I have a small bust and no shape).  It is a classic boxy shape.  That kind of shape does not work on all body types. 

I used some packaged bias tape (I admit to laziness). And finished the neckline with a decorative stitch.  My machine has what seems like 100 different stitches therefore I randomly choose one to use, especially on solid color projects.  It is very subtle and special.   Most people will never notice but I kind of like it.

This is an unfussy top.  One pattern piece!?!  A good one to wear with a skirt or over jeans for errands.  I want to try my hand at the Moji pant pattern.  This is a rift on the track pants trend but it is drafted for wovens.  I happen to like the cuffs at the bottom of the pant.  That is low on my queue -- I have a Washi in the works!

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