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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Oh so long ago (i.e. when it first was released) I downloaded, printed, and taped together Megan Nielsen's Veronika skirt pattern.  And then it sat.  I have a rather lengthy queue of projects and computer sticky note of the list of projects started, projects complete, and projects that need to be blogged.  Some never see blogland, others have a blog post written but no pictures, and still others are blogged the very minute I finish!  Diatribe aside, I am in love with my Veronica skirt.  She was one who ended up jumping the queue: photographs hot off the sewing machine.
Woven with Narrow Waistband
Size: Small
2.75 yards of Pin fabric (from the clearance area!)
Sulky Thread PolyLite in Black 1005
7" Black invisible zipper
Hook and eye

Veronika is a circle skirt.  Very easily drafted if you put your math hat on and get out your ruler.  Shamefully, I didn't bother drafting a circle skirt.  The pattern was released and cutting and taping is mindless activity I can do while drinking a glass of wine and catching up on crap TV.   I pulled Veronika to the top of the list when my friend, Ms. J, who I am teaching to sew wanted to do a skirt.  We went fabric shopping together and while I found this pin patterned cotton, she chose a silky black poly blend.

I went over prepping fabric and we met the next weekend to cut and sew.  She was a trouper!  Her fabric was hard to work with and I couldn't for the life of me get the tension right on her sewing machine so it would bunch. Luckily, I am quite cozy with my Singer machine and I was able to get it right (Still couldn't duplicate it on her Brother).  Ms. J played the very bestest 1990s playlist while we were sewing and that meant that we were singing!  Fabulous and fun! To boot,  Ms. J's skirt looks amazing.
We both added the oversized pockets to our skirts.  Hard to see on mine but a contrasting fabric would have look juvenile with the busy print (at least, in my head, it would look juvenile).
While this was a little challenging for Ms. J, she had me to help guide her.  The directions and construction process were very straightforward.  Two panels with seams on the side make the skirt hang very nicely off the waist.  My invisible zipper did not align at the top of the waistband (mainly due to spacing out while sewing), I could have unpicked it and inserted again, but did I???  Nah! I just added a hook and eye (Those little suckers are a royal pain to hand sew!).
Circle skirts = twirls! 
I love this skirt.  I have worn it to work, to dinner, to grocery shop, to the library. I basically can find any excuse to wear this skirt and it is easy to pair with a solid shirt.  This probably means I need to make more circle skirts.  I am sharing this post on She Can Sew Saturday Show Off!

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