A Fashionably Late Sunday Sevens #19

Monday, September 14, 2015

Here is a quick recap of my week...

1.  My family invited my little group of atmospheric science profs over for a dinner.  My colleague brought chocolate banana bread.  Heavenly.
2.  The weather is slowly changing and the campus looks lovely.  I had to drop papers off at the registrar's office and I was treated to this on the walk back to my office.
3.  Jules had his first soccer (football to every one else not in the United States!) practice of the new season.  New teammates, new coach. Look closely and you can see all the boys are tied together for a drill.
4.  Unexpected art in the park on glorious evening stroll.
5. Cute Chewie.  I cannot resist.
6.   I went to check on the progress of a project of mine on an extension of campus and was thrilled to see how far along it is progressing.
7.  First home football game at my university.  Coincidentally it was military appreciation day.  They had lots of cool military vehicles....and paratroopers who jump from an airplane and brought down the game ball.

I'll do better at being on time next week!


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