The Megan Dress

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Embarrassingly, at the beginning of summer, I decided to work my way through Tilly's Love at First Stitch.  I say embarrassingly because it is going embarrassingly slow.  The Delphine skirt in no longer a WIP as I finished it this week (just need some decent blog photos to share).  And late Sunday evening I finished a Megan dress (that fits -- see below) for my first thermodynamics lecture on Monday afternoon.  Woo-who for late night sewing and reviewing lecture notes!

The Megan Dress
Size: 2

2.25 yards of Polka Dot Cotton Blend
22" Ecru colored invisible zipper
Pellon Cotton Interfacing
Coats and Clark Ecru colored thread

This is actually my second Megan dress.  I set out to make Megan in July for MAGAM.  I made my first dress in a beautiful blue and white patterned cotton.  It was so gorgeous with a perfectly inserted invisible zip.  I was so pleased with myself....until I tried it on.  The bodice was too tight (I don't get to say that very often as I am not blessed with a chest).  The bodice pulled at the sleeves with bits of wrinkly fabric in places where it should not exist.  The skirt was okay but there was little ease and I don't think this dress was intended to be a wiggle dress.
Round two's solution was to move up a size in the bodice and skirt.  Ack!  That meant retracing! Tracing and cutting a pattern are my least favorite parts of sewing (It is really my impatience since at that point I just want to be sitting at my sewing machine).  On the other hand, sewing anything double cuts time off the process.  No guesswork or scratching of the head, just sewing; the kind of sewing you relish and can enjoy each step because of confidence.  And I am quite chuffed with the second Megan.  
Those little puffs on the sleeve cap are so stinkin' cute.   And I like the fabric.  As I was sewing, I was struck with a vision that the final dress could veer into the large polka-dot napkin area! But as I went along, I realized the size of the polka dots makes the dress contemporary without being silly.
Forgive the wrinkles.  I just have to declare that I beat the invisible zip on the first try.  I won! ...well, at least this time round.  I didn't do too shabby at pattern matching the skirt, even if I was not trying.
If I made the Megan dress again, I would probably lower the neckline and add 3/4 sleeves.  Oh, and pockets.  Always pockets.  Wondering about the first iteration?? The smaller Megan dress was sent to my niece for her dress-up collection.  I know she likes it.


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