Geek Chic: Enteroctopus Dolfieini Shirt

Monday, August 17, 2015

The Enteroctopus dolfieini is better known as the giant pacific octopus.  It can live up to five years in the wild and weigh around 13 kilograms.  Throwing a little science at you.  In honor of a new semester beginning I turned to Cotton and Steel's Tokyo Train Ride.  Octopus fabric in wicked colors.  Genius. Nuff' said.

Grainline Studio Scout Tee
Size: 0

~ 2 yards of Cotton and Steel's Tokyo Train Ride cotton fabric
Mettler navy blue thread

Everybody needs a rad outfit for the first day of school.  Not quite everybody, I exaggerate. If you are my son then you just update your uniform (Yeah for uniforms!!).   But for those of us who usher in a the new school year with new students and new material, well, it just fits that you would want a new outfit.  
The Grainline Scout Tee was not something on my radar.  (Please don't hate me with the next line).  I mean, it is just a simple tee shirt pattern. Google it and bloggers from around the world have created amazing Scout versions.  Would I have run out and bought it?  Nah.  I happened upon this pattern when Craftsy was having a summer sale on their sewing kits.  For $24, I got the pattern and 2 yards of the Cotton and Steel fabric.  Ummmmmm, I am a sucker for a deal. Now, I am a sucker for the Scout Tee.
This pattern is quite simple and I would recommend it to any new beginner.  It is sleek design that would allow the more advance (sewer, ha! ha!) seamstress to vary the pattern to create a whole new look.  Since, I have never used a Grainline Studio pattern, when I made her up I opted for the standard Scout Tee.  
After I traced the pattern, I ditched the directions and the cutting layout.  I placed the pattern on the fabric such that I only used a yard plus some change.  I was using the smallest size and this would not work with larger sizes.  I also used a  double-fold pink bias tape I had made a while ago instead of the bias piece that the pattern calls for.
Things I loved about this pattern:

  • It's a woven tee.  Using woven makes it much more suitable for work attire. Woo-who!
  •  You know those vintage Jiffy Simplicity patterns with the tagline "Only 4 pattern pieces" -- you could add that to the Scout Tee because it really does sew up in a jiff.
  • Simple means a canvas to create something different.
I'll leave you with my obligatory photo of the first day of school.  These photos filled my Facebook feed all day.  I didn't share there but I will share here because it shows the Scout in action (and my new haircut!).


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