Geek Chic: Superhero Pa-jay jays

Thursday, June 25, 2015

I noted in my Sunday Sevens a couple of weeks ago that I gave in and purchased Tilly's Love at First Stitch.  I own several sewing books and guess what?  I have never traced a pattern from them.  I read through them all in that eager hungry knowledge feed but have yet to trace and make a pattern.  Pretty sad, eh?? Consequently, I need to rectify that.  I decided that I will work my way through all the patterns in the book the rest of the summer.

Margot Jammies
Size 1

1.5 yards of DC Women Superhero Cotton
Purple piping
Coats and Clark Yellow thread
Fat Quarter of Pink Cotton turned into Bias Tape

I furiously traced out all the patterns in my size and promptly skipped the first make of the book (I am not looking so good with commitments!) which was a headband.  This book is geared toward a beginning seamstress as Tilly goes over tools, patterns, and other useful info for someone who is baffled by all the sewing jargon.  The headband was a perfect sewing appetizer.  I needed a meal not a snack, bring on the Margot jammies.  Tilly has a sweet little photograph of her in shortened Margot pjs painting her nails.  This is how I came to want superhero pa-jay jays.  I am trying to reduce my fabric stash (scout's honor!).  Ah, in truth, it is so I don't feel so guilty when I purchase more fabric.  I had about 1.5 yards of the Wonderwoman, Batgirl, and Supergirl: comic girl-power fantastic fabric.  It is busy, colorful and the perfect amount for shorten Margots.
I had purple piping on hard and figured that would add more crazy color to fun pants (Rather, I reasoned what harm could it do!??!).  I topped it off finding a fat quarter (or just about a fat quarter) of pink cotton in my bin of scrapes and made a double fold bias tape.  This is dripping girly.  And if you look closely, I managed to have Wonderwoman on my behind.
I did not bother to read the step-by-step instructions in Tilly's book.  I am sure they are detailed and helpful.  Because this was the first project in the book, the instructions are interrupted with explanations about fabric, grain line, and patterns. I start this project after my son went to his room to read and finished about an hour and half later.  I was tempted to wear the pa-jay jays immediately after I sewed them.  It took some mighty willpower to leave them.  I knew if I wore my superhero jammies then I would never photograph or blog about them.
I have been living in my geeky garment since I took photos (the day after I made them).  Perfect summery lounge pants.  Even geekier PJ pants to curl up with a good book -- I have been reading Kevin Kwan's China Rich Girlfriend -- so make the Margot and find a good book!

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16 Responses to “Geek Chic: Superhero Pa-jay jays”

  1. Cute, fun a good way to spend a couple of hours. These are so you.

    1. It was a perfect way to spend the evening!

  2. Cute. Like you, I have many sewing books with patterns and I haven't made a single one. I'm not going to commit to making any, though! I find a lot of them a bit 'young' for me. I'm a book addict. I found their content interesting when I bought them but have moved on from the appetiser to the main meal!

    1. I have a weakness for sewing books, well, just books. I am a book addict too!

  3. same predicament here lol books but haven't used the patterns. Maybe I'll join your quest!

  4. These are brilliant! Off to try and get some of that fabric :)

  5. Such fun, don't think I could contain them just as PJ's ....

    1. I used your advise and wore them on a bike ride this afternoon -- I survived!

  6. They are gorgeous - I agree with Amanda - these are more all day play pants :).

    Do you know that the list of things to make just grows and grows and grows - first one book, then another, then all the patterns you own, plus all the ones you plan to buy, plus the ones you don't know about, and the ones you haven't even thought of yet. So, you were wise to skip the headband and move on to the more serious stuff - Life is too short when there is a never ending list of sewing to experiment with.

    Hope you and your family have a great week Annie :)

    1. I bet your list is as long as mine! I made up my mind a while ago to sew what I am interested in and not to be a slave to my blog or some new pattern.

      Thanks so much Sarah Liz -- I hope you have a great week too!

  7. Great pants and a great fabric. I just started running in the evenings and I still need some more comfy pants for it, these would be pretty cool I guess, maybe I should get Tilly's book finally.On the other hand, I plead guilty as well as I have not sewn a single pattern from Gertie's book, although I have planned to do for so long. Maybe it would be too much to plan to sew all of them (Hats off for this endeavour), I think only one would be a good place to start.

  8. Cute and fun! I also like that fabric!


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