Lisette's Boxy Top: B6182

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

I knew I was in trouble when spring hit. All the new patterns out -- Indie and Big 4! I drooled over patterns and dreamed of sewing would-be garments.  My pocketbook would not appreciate me going completely pattern rabid so I mustered up all my restraint to refrain. Now I have to be honest - I am a lady who loves a sale (What gal doesn't?).  When that Butterick pattern sale hit: I was ready.

Size 8

2 yards white cotton gauze
Mettler white thread
1 yard of white lace

Spring heralded warmer weather, flowers, and the boxy shirt trend.  Butterick's  B6182 is described as a loose fitting pull-over dress or top -- a definite boxy shape.  I wanted one so I settled on this top to combat the humid southern summer.
Further I wanted the shirt to be white.  I actually wanted to make a short white skirt to pair with it and my cowboy boots.  At that description, my northern husband believed I had gone full on southern.  He does claim that when I talk to other southern people I accent certain words in a southern way. Alas, the white skirt did not materialize.  The cotton gauze used was very thin with faint creme-colored stripes.  I french seamed the whole top since it was delicate and I did not want bulky seams.
This top features chest darts (they probably have a technical term which I don't recall but they do not radiate from the side like bust darts instead they radiate from the middle of the chest -- chest darts sounds reasonable, right?).  This is a new one on me.  Curious yet I like the final product.  In addition, I love the large sleeve cuffs.
This is a roomy, breathable shirt. I am sure in a more structured fabric it would have a stunning new look.  What I did not plan for was the top being so short.  It probably is not that short but it did hit my torso at an odd place.  I am not a crop-top gal and while this was nowhere near being a crop-top, it just felt short. I did not have enough fabric to add a band at the bottom.  I racked my brain and tossed it aside.  It was not until I was at my son's May Day celebration that I saw a student with a white top and lace overlay.  Duh! Lace border -- how simple.
Like a boss, that evening after the May Day celebration (my son's class sang and danced to the Safety Dance in an 80s extravaganza) I purchased the lace and serged that sucker on.  It added the length I wanted and gave the shirt a distinct summery concert vibe.  I was content.
In my Lisette pattern haul,  B6186 (the pleated dress with keyhole detail) and B6183 (the cropped pants and another boxy top) ended up in my basket.  I think I will make the dress next only because I absolutely loved the Lisette dress from Simplicity 1419.  Does a three pattern Lisette purchase make me a Lisette addict?  Could be worse things....  

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13 Responses to “Lisette's Boxy Top: B6182”

  1. I've been looking forward to seeing some of these made up, nice addition of the lace! When the weather warms up in the southern hemisphere in a few months I have that B6168 dress traced and waiting ;o)

    1. I really love the details of B6168 -- can't wait to see yours.

  2. It's very lovely and summery :) I am hoping it will soon warm up here in Norway, I am ready for skirts and short sleeves!

    1. I dread the summer as it is incredibly hot and humid. Loose fitting, natural fiber clothes are a must!

  3. Love this top! Perfect for summer in white and I really like the lace addition.

  4. I just picked up this pattern recently. I really like it!!!! The fabric is gorgeous!

    1. Can't wait to see your version. It is very easy to whip this top up.

  5. Really love this outfit and fabric choice! The lace addition is very cute :)

  6. Lisette junkie!!! I want my fix too absolutely gorgeous.. you just can't beat a plan white top that oozes style

  7. Oh Anne, this is amazing! So perfect with the lace. I have this pattern and can't wait to make it up. You look gorgeous!

  8. Somehow I missed this post - just found the pin of this top on Pinterest. Love it - the lace is a good finish at the bottom and suits the top. Just purchased the pattern myself...and a couple of other Lisette's. We must be catching something :)


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