Conifer Skirt

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

I cannot believe how many sewing scientists are out in the blogosphere and one of my favorites is Seamstress Erin.  I love her style, especially her use of colors and prints.  It doesn't hurt that she is an excellent writer and a fabulous seamstress.  I was fortunate to test her new skirt pattern.

The Conifer Skirt
View A: 37" Hem
Size 2

1/2 yard of Black cotton-lycra fabric
1.5 yards of Black jersey
2/3 yards of Multi-colored Sweater knit
Mettler Black thread

I'll put the disclaimer up front:  I tested the pattern in exchange for a copy of the final pattern.  Everything written here reflects my very own unique opinion. Nonetheless, this pattern is aces.
The final pattern has many more options than the test pattern.  I originally wanted to do a maxi but found myself without enough fabric.  Back up: when I received the email about testing, I intended to use the leftover multi-color sweater knit from my ruined Lady Skater along with black jersey, alternating layers.  Turned out I didn't have enough sweater or jersey -- I settled on the short version with a layer of color.  The layering element spiced up this jersey skirt.
The trickiest part of this pattern was correctly lining up the layers.  The actually construction is not difficult -- being comfortable with knits is key but if you are a beginner, the non-layered skirt would sew up in a snap.   My favorite part is how the last layer hangs slightly lower -- Zoo-wee Mama!  It just screams attention!
I used some leftover cotton-lycra fabric to construct a fold-over yoga waistband without elastic.  I like the ease.  Luckily with knit, you don't have to finish the seams.  I would recommend using a rotary cutter to get nice crisp edges on the layers.  I like my shears -- I always start with those guys and then use my rotary cutter to clean up my messy cuts (clearly in primary school I never received an 'Excellent' in scissor use!).
Woot-woot -- Cinco de Mayo (the 'holiday' with an excuse to drink).  Bring on the tequila and tacos on a Tuesday (Can't be more alliterative than that!)...Plus baseball, homework, grading, cleaning and sewing (If I can find the 20 minutes!).  I may just have to reward all my hard work with a margarita.  ;) Hasta la proxima!

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11 Responses to “Conifer Skirt”

  1. Yay! So glad that you like the pattern. Although it may not have been your original intent, I really love how the single contrast panel looks! Happy mistake!

  2. That's a lovely skirt! I love how the panels work :) Nice!

  3. Ohhhwww yes oh yes ...what a fab understated skirt. Lucky ol' you for being a tester. The panels really make it x

  4. Loving the flash of colour in this skirt! I also really like how the waistband is done :-) looks great on you x

  5. I like the idea of the one contrast panel!

  6. I need to try this kind of waistband, looks comfy. Nice use of a contrast colour panel.

  7. It looks very cool:) Must be a great pattern for leftover fabric!

  8. It's the colourful panel that makes this - it looks great, with panels, soft waistband, what is there not to love about this skirt. Enjoy the T's and T's :)

  9. It looks great and easy to wear with anything! I like the panels.

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  11. Erin is so great! I love her blog and her projects. This skirt is adorable! That bottom panel really makes it pop.


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