Snow Day

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Louisiana in the United States is not accustom to snow.  When it does snow, it is marvelous and essentially everything comes to a grinding halt.  Growing up in the North, snow or ice did not slow me down.  Of course, Northerners are prepared for the havoc of winter with plows and salt.  In the South, it may snow or ice once every couple years.  As such,  the winter storm barreled in producing sleet, then, snow.  Text quickly arrived informing us that we had no school -- unexpected snow days -- bliss.
I made lots of yummy soups and fresh homemade bread.  We played outside -- southern style.  That meant sledding on plastic tops down very small hills, playing baseball with snowballs and building a teeny tiny snowman.  Regardless, my son had a huge smile stuck to his face the whole entire time.  When we got cold, we retreated to the warm house for hot chocolate and a movie.  While Jules and Mr. Chemist watched, I sewed on the dining room table.  Absolute fun!
 I did get a couple of projects done.  I subscribe to Seamwork magazine and the latest issue featured the patterns called Geneva and Florence.   These were a bra and underwear combo.  I was intrigued and thought "What the heck!?" -- stuck inside with several inches of snow and ice was the perfect time to try something new, something way out of my comfort zone.  I ended up making both in materials that I had on hand to check fit.

I was skeptical that a) I could do it and b) I would like the finish product.  I was surprised at the ease of construction of the bra and the fit wasn't too off either.  It was not bad for my first attempt.  It makes me want to try the Watson or Gertie's slip (bought this pattern on sale a while back).
I also spent sometime cutting several new projects including my favorite: the Emery dress.   Isn't this fabric fabulous!?!  It has been lovingly in my stash for a while and I have a recruiting event in March.   I figured as an atmospheric chemist this would be a perfect dress to wear to recruit potential atmospheric science students.

When the snow melts (tomorrow) and it dries up (sometime next week -- thunderstorms are headed our way!), I'll get pictures of my latest finished project (No!! --not the bra or underwear but the Piper top).  Hope you are staying cozy!

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9 Responses to “Snow Day”

  1. I wondered how cold it got in your part of the world. I grew up in the U.K., so I don't miss snow at all - very hard work -but I can understand your son's excitement :). An ideal day for indoors, not wasted. I'd love to see a picture of you new lingerie additions - most people just post sans body, of course! Meanwhile, I'm going to check out Seamworks :)

  2. Good use of bad weather. We haven't had much snow at all this year (UK) - not enough to make a snowball far less a snowman, however tiny. My grandchildren have another year of no snow - they live further south. Im interested in your Seamworks projects. I haven't subscribed but have had a quick look. Not sure.

  3. I was not sure about Seamworks either to be honest...I have not had luck with Colette patterns. However, I reasoned for $6/month for 3 patterns, it was worth it to try it out.

  4. Snow is hard work! I remember as a child having to shovel and shovel snow. Down south it melts as quickly as it falls.

  5. That's the best sort of snow. I've looked at Seamworks, it may be worth buying - I'll adopt a wait and see approach I think. And in any case, you can download individual patterns. I used to subscribe to everything going when I didn't have time to sew! More out of frustration - so I have a huge pile of patterns still to work through or toss :). By the way, I'm not sure whether it is my computer or not, but the title of your blog as seen on my screen has moved to the far right. Thought you might like to know, as you have spent quite some time redoing your blog layout.

  6. Hmmm, I don't see that -- thanks for letting me know about it. I contacted the awesome lady who designed the blog to help me fix it!

  7. colesworth1/3/15 7:53 PM

    We were kept indoors for a couple of days with heavy rainfall from a cyclone in our area - I traced some Burdastyle patterns! Looking forward to seeing that Emery ;o)

  8. Oh man I wish it would snow over here (Norway). We've had the saddest winter in years, and I have only been skiing twice this year :P
    Even if you hardly ever get snow, you obviously know how to enjoy it :)

  9. Seemed like such a fun day off!


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