Geek Chic February: Laptop Sleeve

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Yippee! I got a new laptop (badly needed for work and it doesn't hurt to have for blogging!).  A MacBook Air.  That means this gal needs a laptop sleeve.  Of course, I headed to Pinterest for inspiration but was instantly bummed.  A laptop sleeve is simple -- what a couple of rectangles, maybe a zipper or buttons.  A lot of what I found was quilting inspired.  Please do not think I am dissing the quilters but rectangles a'plenty does not push my buttons.  In fairness, I have never quilted.  Maybe one day I'll find those rectangles sexy.

Laptop Sleeve

Red Flannel Scrap
Girl Superhero Scrap
Black Gutermann Thread

I did find a laptop sleeve that was chic and simple to sew.  The Reinvention portfolio.This is easy-peasy and can produce a clutch made of fancy leather or laptop sleeve made of scraps or a business card holder or ...dare I say that the possibilities are numerous!?!
After scouring Pinterest, I decided to make this portfolio because I had most of the material and it was easy to sew.  For me, that meant if it did not work out as a laptop sleeve, I was not invested heavily in time or fabric.   Female superhero cotton fabric, if I recall, was purchased to accent an Emery dress with a collar and bow (I still have enough to do it!). Another plus was this a great stash project -- the only thing I didn't have was the batting -- this was easily solved with a quick run to the craft store.  I traced a rectangle onto the red flannel.  That became my "pattern".  A couple of folds and a few straight line stitches and I had a made the sleeve. Woo-who!  How nerdy is that?
The project took me less than an hour.  I was very pleased with the result that I made my mother a simple small fabric clutch made out of scraps that same evening.  
It has been one of those weeks that is a smear of time.  I survived a 7 year-old sleepover with 4 boys!  I was glad to have this project to motivate me -- I started a Lady Skater dress last Sunday and immediately mucked up the bodice and have no more fabric to save it.  :( Boo.  Contemplating what's next....

Here's a to a wonderful last week of February!

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13 Responses to “Geek Chic February: Laptop Sleeve ”

  1. Looks great Annie. I need to make something like this for my tablet. Sorry to hear about the Lady Skater. I guess you will find something to make another bodice one day that works back with the skirt fabric - or, maybe, a really original idea, I don't think :) - make a skirt with it?

  2. Looks great in the superhero fabric! Such a great simple make to boost confidence in sewing after a project thats unsaveable :-(

  3. So true! After the bodice disaster, this is just what I needed.

  4. The bodice is so small and I couldn't use anything out of it. Last night I cut out panels of the Lady Skater skirt to make another skirt...I'll see how this turns out. Snow day here today so I plan to sew!

  5. I share your disenchantment with sewing squares, but you actually made something quite useful and great looking ;) Your mothers clutch is such a lovely little gift. I really should make something for my mother too!

  6. Those days when you can sew without guild are wonderful - good luck with the skirt.

    I was wondering what the advantage of Disquis was - replies to comments. Must look into how to add this :)

  7. Sarah Liz -- this why I finally decided to make the leap to Disquis. It took no time at all to install. ;)

  8. Thanks Annie - I've just had a look - will try and add later today - supposed to do sensible things like some work first :)

  9. These are so cute! It is really fun to sew handmade stuff :)

  10. I love the sunglasses case you made! It really is a lot fun to create things you like.

  11. Mmm. The are quite a few things I need to consider doing . This looks good. Sorry to hear about Lady Skater - hopefully you'll get one made - eventually.

  12. The Lady Skater was doomed from the beginning! Onto a new project -- and you are right, I will make a Lady Skater eventually!


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