2014 Highlights

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Ahh.  There is something refreshing about the end and the prospect of a fresh start, full of possibility. My humble little family does not live very close to grandparents or siblings -- 13 hour drive to my parents and a 3-hour drive to my husband's parents and our siblings, well, that involves plane rides!  To keep connected, we keep monthly online Flickr albums to record our adventures.  One of our favorite pastimes is to look at those pictures -- laugh at all the merriment, recount stories, make fun of each other, remember and cherish the time we had together.  My son is always adding to the adventure/memory idea list for the coming year.   

In that spirit, here are my sewing highlights and flops from 2014 a la Gillian from Crafting a Rainbow.  Feel free to make fun, chuckle, skip, or roll your eyes!


Part of being a scientist is trying out an experiment and not getting the expected results.  This is crucial.  Sometimes you learn more in the mess-ups.  One thing I learned from my flops is that, it's not because of  poor fit or bad sewing, but style.  These flops just aren't me.  These are the clothes that I really like on a hanger (or the pattern illustration).  Then I try it on and suddenly it is not so appealing.

  • Tanias -- Too short with a funky sitting waistband.  I will probably attempt to lengthen even more and fix the kinks.
  • Ava -- I just don't feel comfortable in this dress.  It hangs funny.  In retrospect, it could have used a lighter fabric. I plan to cut off the bodice (I think that is the issue) and make it a skirt.
I gave up RTW this year.  I am so glad I did.  I survived it and now, I have this reaction to clothes at a shop/boutique in which I feel the fabric, survey the style, and decide I can make it my way for a lot cheaper.  As Hannibal would say from the A-Team (one of my favorites!), "I love it when a plan comes together!".  'Nuff said.  These garments have been in heavy rotation in my wardrobe.  

Simplicity 2444

Hmmmm, dresses with pockets and sleeves...I detect a pattern...yep, I like.

2015 Goals
I conquered my fear of knits in 2014.  I successfully made a pair of pants.  I made a jacket.  I did pretty good. I made something at least once a month (closer to weekly!).  One of my goals in 2014 was to sew something for my husband.  Ummm, that didn't happen.  Guess what tops the list this year?

  1. Sew something for my husband.  PJ pants?
  2. Make a cape.  This was on last year's goals. 2014 = no cape.  
  3. Continue my RTW fast and Participate in Me-Made-May.  Really this is code for sewing clothes that are practical.  I am in need of pants, cardigans, blouses.  Do I need a break from dresses? Nah.  I need to amp up the sensible clothes. 
  4. Start my Geek Chic series.  Tee-hee-hee. I already have the first one planned.   Plotting more.
  5. Stash-bust.  My fabric stash is slightly obese.  I spent last weekend organizing it -- out of bins, color coordinated by type, etc...now, I can look at my shelf and gain inspiration.  Pattern stockroom update is on its way too!
New techniques, new patterns, new fabrics, new skills -- oooohhhh, 2015 -- here I come! 

Happy Sewing in 2015!


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10 Responses to “2014 Highlights ”

  1. Sewing is quite a style adventure - I think we all fall in love with things other bloggers make and decide we have to have one as well. I agree, the last few dresses look lovely on you. Can't wait for the geek series to start - you've mentioned it before.

    Thanks for your company during 2014 Annie, and I look forward to sewing with you again through 2015.

    Happy New Year to you and your lovely family.

  2. The last three dresses are perfect for you, Annie. I especially love the polka dots dress.
    Sewing is a challenge and you will never stop learning. Good luck on the 2015 plans :)

    Happy New Year to you and your family

  3. Looks like you had a great year of sewing! I did not really give up RTW, however I did find myself wearing mostly handmade. I only bought one item the whole year and it was a really cute skirt from a thrift store. At least 90% of my wardrobe is handmade and I plan to continue wearing mostly what I make. I love wearing dresses and the ones you made are so cute! I love the Emery - I had hoped to try that pattern this year, but didn't get to it. Maybe in 2015! Happy New Year to you and your family!

  4. I certainly didn't give up RTW, but like Elizabeth most of my 'bought' clothes come from the thrift/consignment shop (including an amazing vintage elf-green velvet coat...which I don't have the skills to make...yet) I've had an up-and-down sewing year, but you've inspired me to try a Simplicity 2444! Looking forward to more of your Geek Chic series :)

  5. Ooh, the geek chic sounds interesting! Looking forward to seeing what you do with that.

    I actually had to start buying a little RTW again. I'll undertake some crazy things, but maternity jeans from scratch is not one of them! I'm looking forward to trying my hand at some other things now that I'm finally feeling a little better.

  6. Happy New Year!
    Well, I think we all have our tops and flops in sewing (my last flop is still waiting to get photographed but I fear I'll have to show it).
    Love all these beautiful dresses you made this year, I envy you that you were able to stop bying RTW clothing, I am far behind that goal, I'm afraid.
    Your Geek Chic plans sound so very interesting, I am curious what you will come up with.
    Best wishes, ette

  7. Oooh, I would like a cape, too! Why haven't I sewn on yet?
    The first things I sewed my husband were underwear - very forgiving! That might be a good place to start!
    Hope you have a great year, and thanks for joining in the Top 5 lists! :)

  8. Dresses with pockets are the best! i love all of the dresses in your "Highlights" section! :)


  9. I actually love the look of your last 'flop ' dress, the Ava, but it's how you feel in it that's important. It'll make a lovely skirt - love the fabric. I agree that we can get caught up in sewing what's 'popular'sometimes without thinking whether it'll suit. My biggest issue in 2014. Well, that and being very slow. I'm fasting from RTW but definitely not MMM ing. I don't have enough me made makes.
    Best wishes

  10. Your misses seem just as lovely as your highlights. Isn't a pitty when garments turn out so gorgeous only to be something you just don't reach for, doesn't fit quite right or just isn't comfortable.
    Looking forward to hearing more about your geek chic! Very intriguing!


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