Wearing the Face That She Keeps in a Jar by the Door

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Ah, Eleanor Rigby.  Gotta love that she keeps her face in a jar. I've been all about some Beatles, humming away, and jamming in my car.  I think my son is a little tired of listening to The White Album -- he has been requesting the album Love since it has all of his favorites. I am happy with either (or all their albums for that small matter!).  I couldn't resist, as cliche as it is, listening to the Beatles as I made kzjo'studio's Eleanor cardigan pattern.  

Eleanor Cardigan, Size Small

1.25 yards of light gray knit
<1/2 yard of white knit
Coats and Clark white thread

My goal every since Me Made May is to sew more practical things.  You know, everyday  elegance with a one-of-a-kind spin.  I have been a good girl and for every dress I sew (which I should explain is practical work attire for me!), I have been augmenting my handmade wardrobe with pants, leggings, tops, and now a cardigan.  I am gearing up toward MMM'15.
This is my first kzjo'studio pattern.  It is a great beginner pattern -- a cardigan that comes in two lengths.  There is an ease to the design and the directions are spectacular.  If you are scared of knits, this one will ease you in nicely.   It gives you several different directions about how to hem (i.e. coverstitch or twin needle).  My twin needle aided in helping the feed dogs eat a part of my hem (hmmm, careless operator??) but I was able to save it.  Is it my best twin needle hem? No way! but no one will notice my mess and if they do, well, suck it because I made a cardigan and they most likely didn't!  Another operator bumble is trying to figure out the best tension settings when using a twin needle.  I have not mastered this yet because I try to avoid the twin needle whenever I can.
I decided on the hip length version since I was trying a bit of stash busting. Therefore, I used up whatever knits that fit the bill.  I also made a size bigger (small instead of extra small) in order to achieve a layering piece.  It is somewhat big through the shoulder and arm area but I think it will work once the cold weather hits -- speaking of, that is this week!  Eek!  The Arctic blast is giving me a headache (literally!).  Flannel sheets on the beds, fall cleaning, and winter wardrobes out.  That was my exciting action-packed weekend.
I had to trim the sleeves about 3 inches (maybe I have short arms...).  I then added cuffs in the matching neckband material to give the cardigan some contrast.  The white knit of the neckband and cuffs has sparkly silver flecks to it which you can only see up close. Yea for a new card and yea for stash-busting (you know that means I can get more fabric….yipeeeeee!!!).
My local fabric shop had a sale this past weekend and I purchased a sweater knit to make the mid-thigh length version.  My office has huge windows that are the length of the office on two walls.  I love the natural light but in the winter it can be a little drafty.  The Eleanor is going to help keep me warm!   It is much more sexy and work appropriate than the fleece wrap I was thinking of making.   
Forgive the wrinkles in these pictures -- I wore her most of the day.  The Eleanor pattern can be purchased at kzjo'studio and is 15% off using the code ELEANOR15 until 12 November 2014, midnight MST.   If you need a practical fall/winter piece, go get this pattern!

Happy Stitching!

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5 Responses to “Wearing the Face That She Keeps in a Jar by the Door”

  1. Looks cozy! I've been frantically trying to finish up a project before the arctic blast, too. Also, your post title made me smile--I've been listening through the songs on my ipod in alphabetical order, just for fun, and I'm currently on the E's, so Eleanor Rigby was one of the songs that came up recently. I've always liked that one, even if it is a sad song. (I have the Anthology on there, too, so there was also a strings-only version.)

  2. It looks so wearable and pretty at the same time. I love the fabric combinations and the hip length is just perfect :)

  3. Great cardigan! I need to get this pattern. I have WAY too many RTW cardigans (*cough* 17 *cough*), but I've yet to make one. This is totally perfect for cold weather! Also, as a Texan, I am totally in love with your boots ;)


  4. A great practical addition - and practice in sewing too. Win/Win. I agree, anyone who cares to point out sewing shortcomings can go somewhere else, unless they can tell me a better way to do things - in which case, I might (only might, maybe) just listen :).

    I haven't used a twin needle at all - I totally avoid them. I can't use them on my big machine, and refuse to even fiddle with my other machine to work out tensions etc. ( I call this strategy knowing my limitations !!!!). I find a small zig zag looks okay, although at first I hated it because it wasn't like RTW. Silly really, because who says anything has to look like RTW?

  5. I love practical items--they aren't so fascinating to blog about, but when I wear them in my everyday life I am soooo thankful! Your cardigan looks great! I love the color of the fabric you chose, it works well with your outfit.


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