La La Leggings

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Let me preface this post with the following disclaimer: I do not wear leggings without a tunic or longer top.  Does anyone remember the 1980s!? Leggings, leg warmers, crop tops, and oversize sweatshirts!!  For the sake of showing off the result of a fab pattern, I swallowed my dignity and went 1980s Jazzercise on ya'll:  leggings and a t-shirt.  Sigh.  My husband laughed.  Cyberspace is probably laughing (maybe crying too since it will be forever imprinted on it)!

Go To Patterns Knit Pants
View A
Size: S

1 and 1/8 yard of plaint-splatter knit form Fabricmart
3/4" elastic
Black Thread

Embarrassingly, I have been wanting make a pair of funky leggings for like a year.   Yeah, in the spring semester this year, I would walk through campus and see all these college students with some seriously cool leggings.   Cool leggings that I wanted! For some reason, it never rose to the top of my list to sew.  This is probably because I own one pair of leggings and wear them only once the weather starts to get chilly.
Enter the GoTo Pattern's Knit Pants.  Three styles packed into one pattern that is sure to please a variety of body types and styles.  Every gal needs a good pair of leggings or yoga pants, etc.  

I was a tester for this pattern. Continuing with last year's trend of wild printed legging styles, I choose view A to fulfill that longing. Luckily, as warned by the designer, these came together quick.  In about the time it would take to make a grapefruit pound cake (Yummy!).  I serged the seams and only went to my sewing machine to finish the hem and the waistband.   
Oh Heavens!  More pictures means the internet snorting with laughter!  I made a size small based on my hip measurement but should probably have made my usual extra small.  They are a little loose but not in a baggy way.  Acceptably loose (Err, there is a phrase that should definitely be taken in context with the previous two lines!).  The pattern is long -- 33" inseam!  I followed the directions, blended and remove two inches.  The result was a scrunchy, slouchy effect around my ankles.  It fits with the fabric and with how I see these fitting into my wardrobe (Black Tania Culottes for winter!?).
I like.  And since View A gave instant gratification, then I am on to View B (trendy after work lounge pants so if someone happens to swing by I do not look like a complete slob) and C (yoga pants to put on, channel my energy away from the sewing machine, and hope I get to  yoga class).  

Happy Sewing!

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14 Responses to “La La Leggings”

  1. I am well aware of the mantra "leggings are not trousers". :) These came out great though, they fit really well! I am actually wearing leggings and a short T-shirt right now (but they are my jammies, shhhhh).

  2. Cute!! They fit so well!!

  3. Love the print beats the plain black leggings that I wear any day

    1. You should spice it up then and make a printed pair.

  4. Very cute legging and fabric print :) I love seeing others wearing legging and they look so cool to me. Maybe I should sew a legging for myself someday :)
    You look great in legging and it fits you so nicely :)

  5. I love these! So cute and they fit you really nice!


  6. These look great - such a lovely pattern and not 80's at all - yes, we used to wear them with t shirts, and I wore them to movement classes - but outside always wore a cute wrap tartan mini -skirt. Yes, I was young and hip then!

    I think these will get lots of wear in winter with skirts, tunics, culottes, whatever.

    1. Now I need to make tunics, skirts, and culottes.... ;) Thanks!!

  7. Your leggings are great! What a neat pattern to test for! The printed fabric is cool.


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