Maxwell's Super Hero Shirt

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Eeek!  The Perfect Pattern Parcel #4 is here and it is dedicated to boys.  Being the mother of a little boy, my son gets sick of hearing me complain about the fact that boy patterns are limited.  To my delight, PPP #4 introduced me to more great boy patterns.  I think I downloaded it immediately after it was released and that evening had two of the pdf patterns put together and cut out for my little guy's size.

Maxwell Shirt by Schwinn Designs
Size: 7

White cotton gauze
Marvel Super Hero fabric (black and white)
Cotton Interfacing
Gutterman White Thread
4 clear buttons

I let my son choose what pattern I would attack first and his response was "You have never sewn me a shirt."  So, the Maxwell shirt pattern it was!  My intent was to have the yoke in the back and the tab as super hero fabric and the majority of the shirt white gauze.   I began and my husband thought it looked too 'homemade' and he said with the yoke having such a busy print that it reminded him of square-dancing shirts.  Errrrrr, not good.  :(

I set it aside knowing that the front needed something to link it to the back.  The next evening I decided to use the pattern pieces but to own it, mix it up, 'make it work'.  The button placard was modified and placed on the front to echo how the yoke was constructed and to tie in color.  I ditched the collard after putting in both a white one and a super hero one -- again it ventured into the realm of corny.  I folded the front facing to give it a nice little v-neck.
I added a 1" bias band around the sleeves of super hero fabric with a black background.  And did the same thing around the bottom of the shirt except in a much smaller width.  The pocket was done in the same fabric to give a nice contrast.  I eyeballed the placement of the pocket so it is a little low but my kiddo is impressed nonetheless!
Seven year-old chic.  Complete with his favorite Wolverine -- I worked particularly hard at fabric placement to get the most of the X-Men hero.  I have a stash of Madras which means the next version will be a proper Maxwell in one color.
It dawned on me while I was sewing that I liked selfless sewing (Here is where I should admit that I really, really like sewing for me. Selfish, I know.  But I don't care!!)  Especially, little kid projects.  They give me that sewing fix I need (or rather an outlet for stress) and result in a project that I can churn out in an evening or two.  The break from sewing for me was needed as the last couple of project I attempted were blah, not even worth putting brain-energy into blogging about all the troubles.  I did score some more fabric including a wonderful African wax print and a pretty J Crew chiffon which means me-sewing is on!

 Here's to the boys!  Happy Stitching.


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12 Responses to “Maxwell's Super Hero Shirt”

  1. Wow! You did such a great job on your son's shirt!! I love the mix of the comic super hero strip with the solid white. It makes for one cool shirt!!!

    1. It turned out better than I thought it would!

  2. I absolutely love this - the changes you've made look fantastic. Your son sure is one lucky boy!

  3. Great job, so unique. I like selfless sewing too. So much more love goes into making for family and friends that what is made is extra special and so much more than just a piece of clothing or item.

    1. I am enjoying selfless sewing more and more

  4. What a great little shirt - certainly got the superhero kappow factor!!

    I'm glad this gave you the creative break you needed from your own sewing duhs. They happen, but this proves you can right the ship :)

  5. Truly Brilliant- there is a difference between home made and handmade x
    Dare I say it ..find selfless sewing quite hard although it does give the fix I cant help thinking what I could be doing for me ( may-be cause i appreciate me more!)

    1. It is hard because I have so many things I want to create for myself. I am trying to make at least one selfless garment a month...we'll see how long this lasts!


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