Do I Look Like I am Wearing a Paper Bag? Nah. It's Fashion.

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Continuing on my Indie pattern journey, I picked up the Paper Bag Pant from Sewn Square One.  I fell in love with the picture on their website: high-waisted and cuffed below knee.  Worn with heels, this would look killer.  I completed these pants early in the week however, it has been down-pouring here for the last three days (and forecasts claims more rain on and off for the next several days!).  I was hoping to catch the sun along the river for photos but it was too wet so forgive the indoor pictures.

Experiment: Sewn Square One's Paper Bag Pant
                    Size: Small

1.5 inch elastic
1/2 inch elastic
2 1/4 yards of unknown tan material
Light tan Gutterman Thread

As always, I pick up fabric when I find deals and steals. This tan fabric was found for $2.00/yard therefore I could not pass it up. I bought a whopping six yards. It has been in my stash for over a year.  If I had to venture a guess, I would say it is a nylon derivative with some added stretch.  It reminds me of the fabric that the hiking pants the unzip to become shorts are made of...who knows?  It worked fabulous for this experiment.
This pattern is a very simple design.  I loved the detail of the waistband which, I think, hides the elastic waist.  With my first version of the waistband, I followed the directions of the pattern.  FAIL.  I diligently ripped the seam and cut a new waistband.  There was no saving the old one since this fabric frays easily.  With the new waistband, I made it completely separate (The pattern directions have you make the waistband while attaching it to the pant).  I attached it to the pant and filled it with the 1 1/2 inch elastic.  Sewed it shut and viola!  Much prettier, much easier.

The pattern has a lot of room around the hip area.  I went with a size small based on my measurements but definitely could have gotten away with the extra small.   Do I hear a pair of floral print  or some other wild print paper bag pants in my future?  I opted for the crop pant with elastic below the knees.  This material is light, making it perfect for the warmer weather.  I choose not to put the pockets on the side.  After seeing the amount of material around my waist, I know the pockets would not have been flattering on me, maybe a smaller size and different fabric.

I am loving Indie Sewing month. My next project is the Emery Dress.  There are so many great versions out there that I know I will like this pattern.  I have several summery cotton florals in my stash that will work perfectly.  I should also mention that the 3rd edition of the Perfect Pattern Parcel is out!  More Indie patterns and helping education.  I literally just bought the Bombshell pattern like 3 days ago and there it was included in the parcel.  Of the patterns listed, I am drawn to the Jorna dress.  I am less excited by the other patterns but I am sure I just need a wallop of creativity and these patterns will yield something fabulous.  My creativity has been running on empty for last couple of weeks.
I recommend this pattern.  It is fun and funky.  My husband has dubbed these my pirate pants.  Arrgghhhh!  Despite that, I think these are bananas.  They will debut today at a birthday party.

Happy Sewing!

P.S. I'll announce the winner of the giveaway contest tomorrow!

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10 Responses to “Do I Look Like I am Wearing a Paper Bag? Nah. It's Fashion.”

  1. I love your roomy pants and it looks very cute on you :) The fabric is perfect for it and I think you made a good decision not to add the pockets. I hope you have a fun wearing it :) Happy sewing!

    1. I did! They were a big hit at the birthday party.

  2. I love these Annie - I remember paper bag pants (I was there then) and below knee "pirate pants"" (mid 70's), so I will pass this time, and enjoy vicariously again via your make :) They are funky and will be enormous fun to wear on hot days - they look gorgeous with the striped t, by the way - very pirate :)

    1. Very pirate indeed! My husband would suggest that I also live vicariously through others when it comes to this style!

  3. Annie, these look so comfy! I think you mush make a pair in floral.

    Isn't it funny how we can remember the cost of fabric from over a year ago? I can often remember the price but not the content or what the original intent was for the purchase.

    1. I think sometimes I am a fabric cheapskate and I remember the price because I am always buying bargain fabrics!


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