Liar Liar Pants on Fire!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Pants! Oh, pants.

TMS challenge for February: make pants.  Errr, why does something so simple have to be so hard to fit!?!  My original idea was to sew up a pair of leggings in some crazy print.  That  felt a little like cheating so I tackled the New Look cigarette pant.

Experiment: New Look 0916, cigarette pant
                    size 8
Unknown blue and yellow fabric
Navy blue gabardine

This unknown blue and yellow fabric served as my muslin fabric for the pant.  I was encouraged by the fit and the feel. Thus, I cut into a beautiful navy blue gabardine.  Oh man!  Check out this disaster.

I wish I had wonderful news like "I ripped out the seam and tried again.  Voila-- it worked. Perfect fit!", ummm, the sad reality is that it didn't work.  Endless seam ripping and sewing and those are the pants I have to show for it.  Fabulous fail.  The fit seems to be ok, it is the d@#n waistband that has been giving me heartache.   It does not lie flat.  It is all wonky and pulls away from my waist.  It could be due to the multiple seam ripping that occurred.  I realize that compounding the waistband problem is the fact that the gabardine does not have a lot of stretch and my muslin fabric did.   The pants are a little more snug than I would like.

It has been a busy month (so much so that one example of how hectic it has been is that I put the wrong date on my son's birthday invitations.  :( Another epic fail).  After investing so much time in the New Look 0916 pants and not really achieving the fit or the look I wanted, I went to my back up plan.  Yoga pants. I am quite vocal that I am a newbie at sewing with knits.  Meg McElwee's Craftsy knit class has been super helpful and luckily it included a pattern for a pair of yoga pants.  

Meg McElwee's Yoga Pants
Size: XS

1.5 yards Pink Striped Knit Jersey ($3/yard)
White thread (Gutterman)

These came together in a flash.  The jersey knit is soft with pale pink stripes.  It was found in a remnant bin.  The pattern calls for pockets but I omitted them because the fabric was thin and I was worried about bulkiness.
Meg McElwee's Craftsy class walks you through making these pants step by step.  Ironically, I watched most of it after I had sewn up the pants.  My only dislike about the pattern is that the pants run long (or it could be I am a short gal!).  I took off about 3 inches from the bottom and opted not to hem.  I think it will look cute with the natural knit roll.

This pair of yoga pants has a fold over waist band which reminds me of a pair of beloved yoga pants from before my son was born (My heavens, that will be 7 years ago this week!).
I am also super pysched about my stripe matching.  Ok ok, it is not perfect but pretty close -- that is sewing karma.
Before my son was born and when I lived in Atlanta, I practiced Bikram yoga.  Since moving to a small town, my yoga practice has slowed (from hot hot yoga to yin yang yoga) and now, I catch a class when I have a spot of free time.  These pants are perfect for that.  Well, somewhat.  I will have to make up another pair in a material that is not quite so transparent!  (Could you image how embarassing a downward facing dog would be with see-thru material!?!) Thankfully, these turn out to be the perfect lounge pants or better yet, sewing pants!
Back to the lab with New Look 0916's cigarette pant!  I know I can get it right with the right fabric (That's my excuse for an online fabric splurge!).

In other news, the winning pattern for Miss Bossy Patterns is Megan Nielson's Tania Culottes.  March is around the corner so I better get fabric shopping!


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4 Responses to “Liar Liar Pants on Fire!”

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  2. When sewing hands me lemons - I make a knit! :)

    Love the pants!

  3. I'm glad the yoga pants went together well. I've been contemplating sewing them. I've watched most of that class, but it is a little slow for me. I'm out of ink so no pattern printing for me until I get ink. I hope the waistband issue works out. Those look like a cute pattern.

  4. Oh pants and the weirdness that happens when we sew them up lol. I have some yoga pants for winter PJs and LOVE them. Try making them up in a super stretchy lycra winter weight cotton T-shirting ..... very snuggly and not at all see through.


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