Febuary PreLab

Saturday, February 1, 2014

It's Saturday morning. I have the obligatory pot of tea. After a cup of strong Assam tea, it hits me that it is the 1st of February!!  Where does the time go?   The last week of January disappeared!  I spent it plotting and prepping. Prepping fabric, prepping patterns, perusing projects, gathering ideas, and of course, reading a mile-long list of blogs that I love (Thank you BlogLovin for collecting all the goodies!)!

The Monthly Stitch Challenge is pants. Yes, pants!  How devious in such a short month! Oh, how to proceed?! I have Colette's Clover pattern but my history with Colette patterns is crummy.  I really don't want to cut or attempt the Clovers because it will end in frustration. I have a New Look pattern featuring a simple slim pant with a side invisible zip and in my fabric stash, I have some gabardine.  

But for some reason, the motivation is not there (It could be my sore throat and the feeling that sickness is creeping in and taking hold. Blah!).  I am tempted to get Cake's Espresso legging pattern or Megan Nielsen's Virgina leggings.  It almost feels like cheating though.  On the other hand, it does give me an excuse to make a wicked unique pair of leggings. I have seen so many great pairs of leggings recently that I want one even though I would only wear them around the house on weekends!  At least they would be a kick-ass pair.

Two distinct things occurred last week to inspire my next project:

1. At the last Hancock sale, I found a luscious double knit in a deep eggplanty purple.  It was so soft with a beautiful drape.  Originally, this fabric was $14.99/yard.  I cannot resist a sale so I purchased three yards for $17.  I also got a cotton with a blue animal print (too late for me to whip anything up for Jungle January), a flannel with cloud print, a lovely striped charmeuse, and a pink striped jersey knit (which will probably roll like crazy-cakes after I cut it).  My fabric stash is growing. I should also admit that I picked up a couple of Gertie's Butterick Patterns on sale for $1.99.  Yeah, pattern stash always seems to grow like my kid grows.

2. I organized! To be honest, I grouped my pattern stash in some sorting system.  Lovingly, I looked through all the patterns and imagined what I could make and where I would wear it.  Silly, but I sew with purpose.  McCall's Fashion Star dress, M6553, kept making its way into my imagination.   It is very different from my everyday style and I think that is why I like it.  Or rather, why I want to make it. Ummmm, now.

Long story but I plan on making the M6553 dress with the eggplant double knit.

I have been trying to observe the idea of sewing for at least 15 minutes a day.  Shockingly, it works!   I shouldn't be surprise since as a grad student I was told to spend 15-30 minutes a day writing sciency stuff. That worked too. If sickness doesn't take me down, I hope to have a dress by the end of the week!

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2 Responses to “Febuary PreLab”

  1. I hope you feel better soon. I have a feeling I will be sewing pants soon too. Good luck with your dress, I like the pattern you have chosen.

    1. Thanks. Pants!?! I have to tackle them. If I don't soon, I think I will just keep putting them off.


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