Cloaked in Asymmetry

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Cloaked? Blanketed? Modern Fashion? Hmmmm.......

This week marks the beginning of Project Sewn. To compliment, each week there is a reader challenge. This week's challenge is to create something inspired by a Fashion Icon.  Ummm, that leaves the field wide open.  I am going to go with an interpretation -- aren't Heidi and Nina always saying not to be too literal (wink, wink)?

Every once in a while, I get the itch to try something bold! McCall's Fashion Star asymmetrical dress has been on my mind lately.  After trolling on Pinterest for inspiration for this challenge, I found Michael Kors asymmetrical dress that Mara Rooney famously wore.  Albeit, these are not so similar but both dresses highlight the element of asymmetry.  And bonus points for me in picking a snuggley eggplant double knit for the project.

Experiment: McCall's M6553, size 6

3 yards purple double knit
Coats and Clark purple thread
Iron-on interfacing
Time (Can that be listed as a material? I need to list it since sewing usually happens for me when I fit bits of time here and there.)

After reading about the reviews of this pattern on Pattern Review, I was fully aware of the crazy amount of ease in this pattern.  I cut the smallest size 6 and was still wary because of all the material.  The back portion of the dress (my husband calls it the cape attached to your dress) has a lot of fabric. I didn't bother with a muslin since 6 was the smallest.  Turns out, the size 6 fit nicely.  The belt is way overkill in length -- look at it hanging close to my ankles!  Note to anyone, you can take out several inches of the belt and still come out ahead.
The only change I made on the pattern was adding a zig-zag stitch to the hemline. I used a slightly lighter purple thread to add some contrast.  From far away, it is not visible but up close you can see the stitch. I am debating about going back and doing the same around the neckline and arms.
Attaching the yoke to the back portion of the dress was not as simple as outlined in the direction (Shocker -- I know!).   It took some finagling, a lot of outbursts of "What the pudding!", and several times of ripping out the seams.  In the end it worked (not entirely) but it took a lot of hand stitching. It is covered by my hair (darn!) but it was so cold outside that the thought of going back out to take another picture gave me shivers.

Conclusion: I like. I might like with a turtleneck underneath.  I possible like with crazy print nylon.  It fills my bold fashion category.   
Will it be a staple in my wardrobe?  Probably not, however, there is always room for fashion.  
Do I need more that one of these?  Maybe a tunic version in a linen for summer.

Happy Stitching!

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  1. I just looked up the picture to the Mccall's pattern, and I must say, I really like your version a lot better! You did a superb job on this one, and it really does make a bold statement. PS--I am also following along with Project Sewn, but NOT doing the challenges (maybe next time). There are a lot of awesome, talented seamstresses this year!


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