Sunday, December 15, 2013

The semester is over.  Finally. 

It was hectic and I am very sad to admit that I accomplished no sewing projects.  It was hard to find time between work demands and being a mom.  My New Year's resolution is to sew a project each month.

My poor Singer has been lonely.   No sewing but within the last month, I have gotten a little crafty.  For a Saturday project after Thanksgiving, my son and I made an advent wreath.  We headed to Hobby Lobby with the intent of finding an actual evergreen wreath and corresponding candles, but when we got there, my son found a red platter and round candles.  We improvised with details like sparkly jewels and evergreen to lay around the candles. 

I do find the holiday season invigorating.  I have sung in a choir holiday concert, watched Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, and baked an obscene amount of cookies.  

To reboot and get inspired, I have planned Christmas presents for family and that means serious sewing time when I can fit it in.  My husband (and my Singer!) can attest that I enjoy sewing and it feels really good to be back sewing.

Here is a preview of a few things:

I am excited because I am starting on my first entry for the Monthly Stitch.   I mentioned above about my New Year's resolution and I think this is the perfect motivation.  I had joined the collective in September but, alas, have not gotten around to sewing or posting.

The Monthly Stitch

My local fabric shop had a massive sale and I grabbed black tulle.  The theme this month is 'Party!'.  I plan on making a tulle skirt with a red silk belt for the holiday season.   I also plan on finishing the dress I was working on in September. Hopefully, I find the time -- the holidays can be so busy!

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