2014 Sewing Resolutions

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Gillian at Crafting-a-Rainbow had the great idea of urging sewing-bloggers to share their Top 5 Hits, Misses, Reflections, Inspiration, and Goals of 2013.  I have read lots of amazing posts and know that many bloggers are starting with their hits or misses.  Off the top of my head, I can think of one garment that I have worn over and over again so I figured it best to start with my goals for 2014.  

Top 5 Sewing Goals for 2014.

1.  Participate in The Monthly Stitch.  I know this will be a challenge.  It seems that between my work (I am a college professor and also a 1/2 time admin which means semesters tend to be a tad busy!), spring soccer, and the hubby's work, balancing sewing and blogging are a difficult.  Look at what happened during the Fall 2013 semester -- I did not come up for air until winter break!  I could never do a weekly challenge but a month...well, I will make an effort to work on that.  Plus it is nice having other sewing enthusiasts to cheer you on....

2. Make a Cape.  The cape bug bit me and now I want one.  Bad.

3.  Conquer my fear of sewing with knits.  The stretch, the special stitches, everyone's own unique technique -- ah, knits frighten me.  It is ironic because my first sewing project was a knit T-Shirt as a pre-teen and if my mom could teach me that, well, it gives me confidence to try on my own.  I bought some lovely knit fabrics and they are waiting to be used.   First up is Megan Nielsen's Briar.    Then if I am adventurous and I can find the right fabric: The Bombshell Swimsuit.

4.   Make a pair of pants.  It seems silly but a dress is rather forgiving if your fit is not perfect.  But a pair of pants...that means you could travel down a highway of fashion follies and not to mention that you could make your bottom look incredible bad.  It also means getting real about your waist size and hip size.  For me, that means learning to perfect pattern grading as my waist and hips always fall between two pattern sizes.

5.   Sew something for my husband.  I sew for myself.  I sew for my son.  I even sew for others but so far I have not made anything for my husband (I sound like a bad wife).  I keep telling him I will make pajamas for him but I think he has given up.  I need to restore his faith and make him something fabulous.

Here is to the 2014 experiments!

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4 Responses to “2014 Sewing Resolutions”

  1. Good luck with your goals! I keep thinking I should join the Monthly Stitch, but it's a bit scary!

    1. You should do it! Then we can cheer each other on...

  2. The internet seems to have eaten my comment from a few days ago, so I'll try again.

    Yay for goals! Which cape pattern do you think you're going to make? We can be caped crusaders. 2014: Year of the cape! I'm with you on the knits. The Bombshell suit is amazing, and the sewalong instructions are really helpful. Good luck!

  3. I was going to try New Look 6227 -- Cotton Print on the outside with red flannel lining. If it works, I will move to the wool!


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