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Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Sew Weekly Reunion
In the spirit of the Sew Weekly posts, here we go with my finished product:

The Facts

Fabric: Cotton for shirt; unknown blend for skirt - estate sale finds for $1 each
Pattern: Simplicity 2215 (from the swap!), Sorbetto from Colette Patterns
Year: 2012
Notions: Zipper, hook and eye, and bias tape (from swap!)
Pantone Challenge colors: Acai and Samba
Time to complete: Skirt: 3 hours and Shirt was about 2 hours
First worn: Lunch then shopping at outdoor market
Wear again: Skirt is a maybe, shirt is a definite
Total cost: $2

Sooooo, my Sew Weekly Reunion pattern swap partner graciously sent me the Cynthia Rowley Simplicity Pattern 2215.  I love it!  Specifically, I dig the skirt.  And it only requires 1.5 yards (Say what?? ...What?... I know, a great way to reduce my fabric stash).

What was even better was that tucked away in my stash was about 2 yards of a Samba colored cotton and several yards of a patterned unknown blend of Acai color.  All thrifted. Woot-woot!  Sew Weekly Reunion Challenge is on.

Do you ever have an idea that it is absolutely fabulous in your head and when it comes to fruition it is not at all like you imagined?  This is exactly what happened to me with the Cynthia Rowley skirt.  I should have known.  I am petite and lots of pleats, well, I get lost in them.   In order to compensate for the poof around my bum and hips, I shortened the skirt a little and tacked down some of the pleats at the bottom.  Did it help?  Only a little.  Despite the mounds of pleats, it turned out lovely.

I am a fan of Simplicity patterns:  the directions were straightforward and the pattern is fun (with pockets!!).  I think next on the next go 'round I will make the dress version of this pattern.  It will be a good fall/winter addition since you can wear a turtleneck or button-up underneath. 

On a final note, I happened on the Sew Weekly blog when I became more serious about sewing.  I love(d) reading the Sew Weekly Blog posts because of the inspiration and knowing that other sewers in the blog world take risks.  More importantly, all of the bloggers enjoy sewing, the challenges it brings, and the reward of awesome garments!  I was glad to be part of the Sew Weekly Reunion challenge. 

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