The 'Penny Lane' Dress

Monday, July 15, 2013

The Penny Lane Dress: Colette Peony meets Cynthia Rowley (Simplicity 1873)

There is something special about Colette Patterns.  The Sorbetto top was genius and free which of course got me hooked.  I bought Sarai's book and I must admit almost all of her patterns.  I am or was on a mission.  That is until I fell in love and then out of love with the Peony dress.  

Colette patterns are deceptively simple and that provides simple elegance.  I love the boat neck and the sash on the Peony -- I can envision all the variations!

I am a petite gal so I began a muslin of the dress.  But I did not make it much beyond the bodice.  The first bodice I made looked like Madonna's pointy boob outfit.  So I adjusted, and it was no better.  In fact, after 6 different bodice attempts with major adjustments including moving darts, removing darts, SBA, etc... I fell out of love with Peony. 

That is where Cynthia Rowley's Simplicity 1873 pattern stepped in (and a steady stream of The Beatles while I was sewing!).  This pattern was bought on a whim during a $0.99 Simplicity sale at my local Hancock Fabrics.  I am so glad I got this pattern.  Originally, I planned to ditch the Peony and make this new dress but after a muslin of the bodice, I had an idea. Why not combine the two?  I have heard this called a 'Pattern Hack' or 'Pattern Mash-up'.  I have to admit that I flew by the seat of my pants on this dress. Despite that, hacking together the bodice and sleeves of 1873 with the skirt and belt of the Peony worked and it turned out wonderful.

The dress was a smash!  Check it out at my brother's wedding.

I have already planned a new Peony and a new Simplicity 1873 -- separately of course!

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2 Responses to “The 'Penny Lane' Dress”

  1. This is a very pretty dress and it looks and fits so well on you. Well done.

    1. Thanks -- it was fun to make!


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