Kegerator Celebration Top

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Beer.  That is my hubby's hobby.  He brews beer (quite tasty beer, by the way) and in order to avoid bottling, he decided to build a kegerator (you can head over to his blog for more info).    For those that do not know what I talking about, a kegerator is a fridge that holds a keg of beer and has a tap. 

In order to celebrate the debut of the kegerator, I figured I need something new to debut also.  Something that screams summer.   Guess what!?! Hiding in my fabric stash was some beautiful cotton batik -- a remnant I picked up a few month back hoping to make bias tape -- just enough for a pseudo-pillowcase top (pseudo because I did not start with a pillowcase).   I also had a yard of orange cotton which coordinated and worked as the straps. 

My least favorite thing about this top was turning the straps out.  I find this task to be on my top 10 least favorite things to do in sewing.  In no time at all, the pseudo-pillowcase top was born.  It is hot and sticky in Louisiana so a cold beer and billowy top go hand in hand.

The debut of the kegerator turned into an impromptu get-together. The best part of the day was cold beer on tap and good friends to share it with.  The top wasn't that bad either! ;)

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